Total Gym

Feel the difference with Total Gym at TSC

If you’re searching for a convenient, compact, and effective home gym that offers full-body benefits, you’re searching for Total Gym. Total Gym offers full-body workout machines that deliver uncompromising fitness results. Endorsed by health and fitness icons Christie Brinkley and Chuck Norris, Total Gym is known to offer the highest-performing home, commercial and physical therapy exercise equipment out there, and it’s available for you here at TSC! It was in 1974 when Total Gym set out on a mission to create a versatile workout experience that would redefine the way the world approached health and fitness. The creation of the brand’s game-changing bodyweight training system trailblazed the 80’s and 90’s fitness revolution with a piece of equipment that could be used for muscle building and rehabilitation. Since its launch, Total Gym has sold more than 5 million pieces of its innovative workout systems with distinct lines specially designed for home exercise, commercial fitness, and physical therapy needs. Within Total Gym’s line of home workout equipment, you’ll find four unique systems designed to deliver a complete workout for varying levels of expertise. Seasoned athletes love Total Gym GTS, featuring over 250 different Total Gym exercises that simultaneously target multiple muscle groups and challenge proprioception and core stabilizers by integrating multi-plane movement. If you’re looking for the perfect machine for all fitness levels, Total Gym Fit is versatile, fun, and easy to use. Similar to Total Gym GTS, Total Gym Fit targets all of your major muscle groups simultaneously and combines the benefits of resistance training, cardio, and stretching all in one. Enjoy customized beginner to advanced workout programs. For even more specialized, full-body workouts, check out Total Gym XLS and Total Gym CycloTrainer 2! Both machines take your cardio routine to the next level and will have you well on your way to achieving your personal fitness goals! Whether you’re looking for workout equipment to complete your commercial gym or an efficient at-home solution for physical therapy or weight loss, you can rest assured that Total Gym has just what you need for maximized results. Feel the difference with Total Gym at TSC.