Tabletop & Bar

Table Top - Help Bring The Meal To Life

There are few things more beautiful, impressive, and comforting than the perfectly set table. Whether it's a long dining room table bedecked festively for the holidays, a floral table ready for an outdoor summer meal, or a cozy candlelit setting for two, your tabletop helps set the perfect mood. Here at TSC, we want to help every table top, from a casual breakfast sit-down to an elaborate dinner, look as perfect as it can for the occasion at hand. Whatever is needed to add to the splendor of the meal, from peripheral touches to the perfect place setting itself, we've got you, and your table, covered.

With an absolutely beautiful array of products from many of the world's favourite brands- Vera Wang, Grosche, Ellen DeGeneres, and Temp-tations, to name a very small few- there isn't a single mood you can't attain, and a tabletop you cannot arrange to be anything else that perfect.

The settings we choose say a lot about who we are, and have the ability to convey a little bit of yourself alongside every occasion. Whatever your style or preference- from rustic charm to contemporary vibrancy, from a classic single colour to something radiating floral elegance- we are sure to have something that reflects you, and always at a great price. You should never overlook those added extra touches that really male your table top come to life, too: dip bowls, glasses fashioned for all types of delicious specialty drinks, dainty tea sets, and much, much more. You want to fashion your table to not just suit the occasion, but a little bit of yourself as well. Whatever you're most trying to convey, from everyday familiarity, to English high tea, to sports mega-fan, let TSC help you genuinely 'set the table' and give your guests a presentation to remember.