Wolfgang Puck

Wolfgang Puck Cookware and Appliances

Wolfgang Puck collection will make your cooking time as enjoyable as eating and bring the modern culinary landscape to your kitchen. Preparing delicious dishes can be as simple as you think when you have excellent, functional and easy-to-use appliances and cookware in your cuisine. A set of cutting boards is one of the prime items for a good cooking experience and will speed up your mise en place. Chop, cut and slice everything you need using a nice Forged Cutlery Set with the right knife for each ingredient. With a high-quality stainless steel steamer, you can easily steam from vegetables to fish. Infuse food and capture slow cooking flavours in a fraction of the time with a Digital Pressure Cooker. Chef Wolfgang Puck has delicious must-try recipes that, combined with his wide product line—from silicone spatulas to air fryers, will make your life easier. Shop online and expand your culinary possibilities with Wolfgang Puck offered by TSC. About Wolfgang Puck Austrian-born Chef Wolfgang Puck is an award-winning chef, celebrated restaurateur, philanthropist, and Emmy winner. He began his formal training at age 14, inspired by his mother, Maria, a pastry chef. Wolfgang left Europe in 1973, having already learned his craft as a classically trained French chef in the master kitchens of three-star French restaurants. After a stint at the restaurant La Tour in Indianapolis, Puck moved to Los Angeles and became both chef and part-owner of Ma Maison, which quickly became a magnet for the rich and famous - with Puck as the starring attraction. Wolfgang has changed how North Americans cook with his unique combination of dynamic personality and culinary brilliance that bridged tradition and invention. His culinary mix formal French techniques and Asian- and California-influenced esthetics with the highest quality ingredients. Over a span of twenty years, he has founded a virtual empire of dining establishments, including 12 fine dining restaurants and the newer Wolfgang Puck Bistro, Express and Cafe locations across the United States, into Canada and Japan. He has authored six popular cookbooks. And his weekly syndicated newspaper column, “Wolfgang Puck’s Kitchen,” appears in more than 30 newspapers throughout the United States and Canada, with a combined circulation of more than 5.3 million. Wolfgang Puck Worldwide, Inc. (WPW), a privately held corporation, includes a rapidly growing international franchise of the fast-casual Wolfgang Puck Express restaurants, consumer products, book publishing, television, radio and internet programming, and other licensing and merchandising projects.