Knives & Cutting Boards

Knives & Cutting Boards - Prep With An Edge

There is perhaps nothing more important to a kitchen than a good set of knives. It's amazing how many different ways there are to cut things, and for every type of cut there's a different knife that does it best. What works best on a juicy grilled steak is hardly the best thing for a fresh loaf of bakery bread...and forget about it if you need to filet something! Here at TSC, we have an incredible selection of knives to handle all those specific jobs you need, and keep your kitchen sharp!

Whether you're looking for one or two key blades to round out your collection, or starting from scratch with an entirely new set, TSC has absolutely everything that you're looking for. Available in all variations, single or many, and in different formats -from loose, to handy carrying case, to solid knife block- as well. And don't forget that with all that new-found chopping power you're going to need a reliable cutting board, too!

With knives available from all the words favourites brands- Curtis Stone, Hamilton Beach, and Cusinart, to name a small few- and in all kinds of variations, you'll soon find there isn't a single job you don't have the ability to handle with confidence and skill! A set of proper quality knives are an investment like any other necessity for your kitchen, and not only do you demand something precision-made, but durable too. Made with materials like stainless steel (and in some instances, will also never need sharpening) you are getting something for your kitchen that will not only contribute to its success, but be around for a long time as well!

Take your prep game up a level with the fantastic variety of high quality knives and cutting boards available to you here at TSC!