Nintendo - What Are You Playing Next?

Nintendo has remained the leader of the video gaming industry for decades now, and you can experience why with their products available here at TSC! While the familiar version of the Nintendo company we all know today (leading game systems, trendy arcade excitement, and an adventurous little plumber named Mario) was started in the 1980's, the company itself has existed for over a century. Originally a manufacturer of collectable cards and various toys, they launched themselves into the stratosphere with the video game explosion of The Eighties. Constantly reinventing from their Kyoto, Japan main offices, Nintendo has given the world the Game Boy, the Wii, the 64, and the popular Switch, to name a very select few. They are the highest selling video game creator ever, and it's not difficult to see why with such incredible innovation, beloved properties like Super Mario, Animal Crossing and Pokemon, and a universal appeal that sets itself apart from all competitors with every generation. Their home gaming systems always offer an irresistible combination of futuristic design and countless selection of award-winning games to play and collect. The Nintendo name is as interchangeable as the idea of gaming itself, and has remained a leader every step of the way! The Nintendo Switch is currently dominating the home game market, and with very good reason. It features the unique play-ability option that allows you to either test your gaming skills on a connected television, or through the Switch system itself with a revolutionary built in screen and trademark portable Joy-Con controllers. Play what you want, wherever you are, and however you like! With over 2,500 games available for you, the only question will be 'what are you playing next?' Also available in an attractive selection of colours, the Switch redefines gaming in the familiar, fun and adored Nintendo tradition that has captured the globe countless times over. Available for you here at TSC!