Baking & Decorating

Baking & Decorating - Made Perfectly With Love

Whether you see yourself as a baker extraordinaire, or someone who just likes to dabble from time to time, TSC has everything you need to make all those incredible creations with skill, and turn your kitchen into a fully stocked bakery. Set yourself up like the pros and impress them all with this great selection of bakeware, available in a variety of pieces and always at a great price.

Whatever the job you've decided to take on- recreating that great multi-layer cake your aunt used to make when you were young, trying your hand at a new mini cupcake recipe, perfecting your pizza, or making your own fresh baguettes to accompany dinner- we have everything you could ever need to go from mixing bowl to something delicious and impressive.

Available with all kinds of great features, and in materials like non-stick, cast iron, marble, and much more, you'll wonder how you ever did without such fantastic tools, and then try to figure out what you'll be baking next! The right utensils for all steps of the process are accounted for here -mixing, baking, cooling, assembling, and finishing- and before long, you'll realize those previously daunting jobs don't seem quite so impossible, and are fun, too! Outfit your kitchen with bakeware from some of the world's favourite brands- Emile Henry, Mrs. Fields, Curtis Stone, Fox Run, and more- made with trusted quality and sure to cover every task from your recipe book. And don't think that we've only got baking supplies available for you here...TSC also has an impressive variety of decorating tools for you and your creations; give them that perfect finish and 'wow factor' as though they just arrived from your favourite bakery! Whatever your creative need, TSC has it here...just tell everyone to bring their sweet tooth and you'll do the rest!