Orange Fashion Village

Orange Fashion Village Clothing

Eternally chic and always looking ahead, Orange Fashion Village is available to you here at TSC! Founded in Toronto, Canada, in 1989, the secret to Orange Fashion Village's success is both simple and complex: they pride themselves on always having the ability to see what's coming next in the world of fashion, and spearheading those trends with impeccable timing and cutting edge designs. Their trendsetting started in the first years of Orange Fashion Village's existence, where their eye for designing high quality Indian cotton into staple clothing pieces grabbed attention. A few years later they dynamically moved into knits, and the launch of their multi-wear sweater options proved an absolute winner. As their success continued, they developed their popular 'Orange boutique' brand, and haven't looked back since. Orange Fashion Village as a brand encapsulates a few different things: unquestionably original designs, luxurious fabrics, a decidedly elegant flowing fashion sense, and an inclusive 'one size fits most' directive. They are also proud pioneers in the use of bamboo as a fabric, which benefits from not just comfort and affordability, but a distinct eco-friendly consideration, too. Not only did this translate into a wide variety of different clothing options, but also the wildly popular 'Almost Naked' bamboo-constructed line of intimate apparel. Nothing is beyond the innovative potential of Orange Fashion Village, and the same can easily be said for the diversity of their clothing line itself: vibrant irresistible patterns melded with classic base solids, and all available in an astonishing amount of colour options, too. Perhaps best of all, their undeniably gorgeous collections are stunningly affordable, making Orange Fashion Village a wonderful fashion option on so many different levels. Innovative, trendsetting, and always at the height of fashion, Orange Fashion Village can effortlessly give you the fashion forward vibe you want and need. Available to you here at TSC!