Curtis Stone

Curtis Stone Functional Cookware and Appliances

Are you ready to turn your everyday meal into a gourmet meal? The Australian Chef, Curtis Stone, presents you with appliances and culinary tools specifically designed for home cooks. Combining his years of experience in domestic and professional kitchens, Curtis created his kitchenware brand to help you organize your kitchen and save you time. Bakeware, cutting boards, pans, razor-sharp knives, containers, adjustable lids... at every station, the list goes on and on. Explore the Curtis Stone section at TSC and shop your favourite items online from the comfort of your home. __Curtis Stone Cooking and Television Career__ Curtis Stone was inspired early in life by his mum and granny, who passed along their knowledge and skills in the kitchen. By age four, Curtis tried his hand at cooking and followed this path, eventually landing an apprenticeship at the Savoy Hotel in Melbourne to break into the industry. He set his sights higher, connecting with celebrated British chef Marco Pierre White, and worked at two of Marco’s restaurants; Mirabelle, as chef de partie, and Quo Vadis in London, as head chef. While working at QUO Vadis, Curtis was first approached by the media; a publisher wanted to include his name in a book about London's best chefs. Following this, he did some morning television work in the UK, and his whole world started to change. The Australian show called Surfing on the Menu was Curtis' debut as a host and led him to the Take Home Chef gig in the United States. He also had the opportunity to share his knowledge and philosophy on several shows, including Top Chef Masters, America’s Next Great Restaurant, MasterChef, among many others. __Curtis Stone Restaurants__ Maude was the first of Curtis's restaurants to open in 2014. Located in Beverly Hills, CA, the restaurant pays homage to Curtis’ late paternal grandmother and first culinary mentor. The second restaurant by Chef Curtis Stone is Gwen Butcher Shop & Restaurant that is redefining fine dining in LA and is both a European-style and chef-driven butcher shop. In 2015, Curtis partnered with Princess Cruises and brought to life SHARE by Curtis Stone, a six-course dining experience that combines two of the chef’s passions – great meals and creating memories. Despite his success, Curtis's philosophy is to keep it simple and use naturally produced ingredients. His range of cookware solutions helps the home chef bring happiness to the table with ease while looking great in the process. “As a chef, I've always had the luxury of working in professional kitchens, where I have everything at my fingertips. I've also worked in hundreds of domestic kitchens, and I know first-hand the issues that home cooks go up against - anything from blunt knives and unstable chopping boards to limited space. My products create order in the kitchen to save you time while looking pretty, bloody beautiful while they're at it. You'll be so proud of the dishes you'll effortlessly whip up! Bon Appetit!” Curtis Stone"