Daymak E-bikes and Electric Scooters

Originating in Toronto, Ontario, in 2001, Daymak has grown to be one of Canada's leading developers and distributors of personal light electric vehicles (LEV), producing an assembly of e-bikes, electric scooters, dirt bikes, and more. At the core of the company lays a heart-felt mission to reduce the carbon footprint, one electric vehicle at a time. Named one of Ontario's greenest companies, Daymak's continued success of driving forth their mission is clear within the numerous acknowledgements the company has received. In 2011, Daymak was featured on The Growth List of Canada's fastest-growing companies, recognizing its most passionate, innovative, and successful businesses. Other nods include being highlighted on Profit 100, Profit 200, Profit 500 lists, and the CleanTech North award for businesses paving the way for developing clean technology in Canada. With more than a dozen unique models ranging from lightweight carbon fiber to heavy-hitting off-road, you'll find the fit perfect for your lifestyle within Daymak's fleet of electric scooters and e-bikes. Leading models among the wild at heart, the Daymak EM2 and EM3 bikes combine a sports bike's defining qualities with those of an e-bike. Delivering the perfect combination of power, sport, and substance, a 72V 30Ah battery pack takes you further with travel distances of up to 60km on a single charge. Ride in confidence with reliable dual hydraulic disc brakes and bright LED headlights for heightened visibility. Conveniently configure your acceleration, range, and more with your smartphone through Daymak's Drive Bluetooth controller. If you need a solo getaway, look no further than Daymak's electric scooter, The Beast. This off-road scooter is as silent as it is exhilarating. Clear your mind with a quiet ride through nature's trails, or take to the city streets with this fully street-legal scooter. The Beast features a Bluetooth tablet display for quick and convenient performance adjustments and a 500W motor for the perfect range of power. Whether you're one who enjoys a scenic cruise around the city streets or a fun afternoon off-the-beaten-path, Daymak has a bike for every individual. Ride consciously when you choose Canada's number one brand specializing in light electric vehicles, available for you right here at TSC in options ranging from e-bikes, mobility scooters, and even luxury brand remote electric cars for kids!