Aran Woollen Mills

Aran Woollen Mills – Authentically Irish Knitwear

Wrap yourself in comfort with traditional and contemporary Irish knitwear inspired by the breathtaking surroundings of Ireland's west Atlantic coast. Aran Woollen Mills blends premium quality materials and longstanding traditions with the latest fashion trends to bring you men's, women's, and children's apparel, home décor, accessories, and more. Shop the Aran Woollen Mills collection right here at TSC. Founded in 1965, the family-owned company Aran Woollen Mills is Ireland's largest home-based knitwear manufacturer. Set in the picturesque and quaint town of Westport, the Aran Woollen Mills team draws infinite design inspiration from the village's natural and historic surroundings. Every stitch within the brand's various collections is steeped in symbolism and pays homage to its Irish roots. Crafted almost entirely of natural materials, Aran Woollen Mills knitwear collections embody Ireland's true authentic spirit. Described as more than just a product, but a symbol of national Irish pride, each piece, whether it be knit slippers or a super soft merino wool scarf, is a testament to the skill and artistry of the beloved brand's designers and knitters. Every Aran Woollen Mills product, which is designed and crafted in its Westport facility, is passed through 16 pairs of hands to ensure the highest quality standards are met. The brand's latest collection features a 'luxury' line that brings forth unique knitting traditions in a truly modern way. The products available within this range are created from the finest Merino wool, making for luxuriously soft knitwear. Also found within the latest collection is the brand's 'handknit' line, designed and handknit with 100% Merino wool yarn to achieve a uniquely Irish look. Each piece is described as having a story of its own embedded into its pattern, with intricate stitches that are impossible to duplicate with any machine. For more than 50 years, Arran Woollen Mills has been crafting and distributing the very finest of Irish knitwear worldwide. Discover the authentic spirit of Ireland when you shop the collection available to you here at TSC.