Kitchen Tools

Accessories - All Those Important Things

All kitchens require a few different things to make them the heart of every home: organization, personality, and those particular objects that always seem to keep it going, and right when you need them the most. Here at TSC, we have all the accessories you need to make your kitchen efficient and world-class, and always at great prices, too.

With fantastic products from many of the world's favourite brands- SMEG, KitchenAid, Ricardo, Wolfgang Puck, and many more- you'll easily find all of those utensils, gadgets, and everything else in between that helps you stay prepared, organized, and able to tackle any job the kitchen can throw at you! Whether it's something as simple as an eye-catching recipe box, to a multi-piece gadget kit that will help with the preparation of any meal on your radar, or everything you'd ever need to make the perfect traditional pizza, TSC will equip your kitchen with variety and value. Regardless if you're looking to fill a gap in something you've gone without for far too long, or perhaps looking to get your hands on something that will inspire you to make something great, our accessories can do that and so much more. You will also find that we have add-on accessories available for some of your existing appliances too, giving the potential to expand their functionality and add value to those favourite tools you already use and love.

From the ordinary to the exceptional, from the clever to the just plain handy, TSC's accessories section is pleased to keep your kitchen stocked with those pieces that make everything easier, and more possible, too. Make those meal preps simpler, keep your kitchen running smoother, and give it a touch of something extra that says 'you'. Treat yourself, and your kitchen, to something fantastic, here at TSC!