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With various collections as bold as you, Anuschka handbags for women allow you to express yourself genuinely and authentically. ‘Made by heads, hearts, and hands,’ Anuschka’s quality handmade and hand-painted leather purses, bags, wallets, and accessories are described to ignite curiosity and unite the gifted Indian artisans at the helm of the designs with those who wear them through the power of art. Distinct, colourful patterns, each with a different story to tell, sets Anuschka bags apart from all others, making this a truly unique line of handbags, proudly available for you right here at TSC! It started in 1988 with a mission to produce high-quality leather products infused with unique character. Envisioning art, function, and fashion coming together as one, Roma Basu wanted to tell stories through striking artwork and leather accessories while connecting the artisan with the consumer. Roma’s visions, along with her husband’s skill for sourcing quality materials, brought forth the development of a unique production process and hand-painting technique, which has been passed down through the Basu family for many generations. For more than 32 years, the Basu family has created leather fashion accessories made with raw skill and unwavering passion. Through Anuschka purses and wallets, the Basu family creates wearable works of art that bring joy to those who carry and create them. Since its inception, Anuschka has been providing local villagers in India with the opportunity to earn a fair living along with health insurance and retirement benefits through utilizing their passions and skills. Available in more than 50 countries worldwide, Anuschka employs and supports more than 150 artisans who create stunning pieces of art found within their collections. You don’t just purchase Anuschka; you become part of a story, helping to better the lives of others. Discover a diverse range of multi-function contemporary and vintage Anuschka handbags, crossbody bags, satchels, wallets, and more at TSC.