Effy Jewellery

Effy Jewellery - Est. NYC 1979

Classically glamourous and sophisticated, Effy jewellery is available to you here at TSC! Rich in pageantry and presentation, the Effy jewellery collection is as eye-catching as it is universal. Classically constructed with eternal favourites like diamonds, yellow and white gold, and all variety of gorgeous stones, it goes without saying they will command attention and perfectly accompany all ensembles with a beautiful, irresistible flare. Established in New York City in 1979 by jeweller Effy Hematian, his line has grown to be nothing less than the single largest jewellery manufacturer in the United States; one look at their stunning collection and you will immediately understand why. 'Quality is my obsession' isn't just a quote from Hematian, but a promise as well. Proudly American, Effy set themselves apart with distinctly original designs, and Hematian's vow of a little bit of him in every striking piece. A constant feature of endless fashion articles, and admired by a multitude of celebrity personalities (Mila Kunis, Jennifer Lawrence, Angelina Jolie, Emma Stone, Taylor Swift, and Jennifer Lopez, to name a small few), Effy are not only highly respected, but beloved as well. Whether you're looking for a perfect centerpiece ring, a striking bejewelled necklace, dramatically composed earrings, or so much more, Effy jewellery has what your looking for, with uncompromising style. Not one to let a creative opportunity pass him by, Hematian has also created a popular collection of jewellery for men too, which has proven to be just as desired and revered as his traditional line. Appropriate for any event or setting, and bringing elegance in every single piece, Effy is the final word in top quality jewellery, for countless admirers, and all around the world. Designed from passion with a decided eye for unmistakable beauty, the wondrous Effy collection is available for you here at TSC!