Gotta Getta Gund

One of the leading brands of stuffed toys for child or serious collector alike, Gund products are adored worldwide, and available to you here at TSC! Founded in 1898 by Adolph Gund in Norwalk, Connecticut, they were originally created to fulfill the need for cute novelty products in nearby New York City for citizens and tourists alike. The demand and popularity of Gund products was immediate, and Connecticut was replaced for large scale manufacturing within the busy hustle New York City itself. Working on a long standing tradition of constant innovation, Gund brought many new features and designs to their beloved products that helped propel their continued adoration and desirability. Through the decades, Gund have always been leaders in the stuffed toy market, from setting industry trends to associating themselves with popular properties for licensing potential. Over the years, they have featured toy editions of beloved characters from Disney and Sesame Street, to name only two. They have constantly been able to predict what their customers will want next, like the heightened fascination with exotic animals in the 1970's, and always do so with quality and a brand name both famous and trusted. Another facet to their continued success is sheer variety, and at any given time Gund can guarantee something within their extensive product line for any potential customer, young and old alike. Gund products often become treasured family heirlooms too, and are passed down from generation to generation with the same degree of love as when they were first received years before. By the time they unveiled their 'Gotta Getta Gund' advertising slogan in the 1980's, their presence as a stuffed toy provider was permanent. Gund continues to thrill and delight stuffed toy lovers the world over, and warmly stand by their motto of being 'The World's Must Huggable'. Gund products are available to you here at TSC!