H Halston

Halston at TSC

A premiere lifestyle brand of classic and original American style, Halston is available to you here at TSC! Created by Roy Halston Frowick in 1966, the Halston brand is as iconic as it is influential. They have been called 'the premier fashion designer of America', and firmly implanted themselves in the fashion universe with an unforgettable line of clothes for the chic Studio 54 disco jet-set of 1970's New York. Halston's output was initially influenced by the pop-art movement of the time, and melded a sophisticated playfulness with bold finishing. Even now, you can still see subtle touches reminiscent of that legendary era. One of their prime strengths is constant reinvention, and Halston has been able to do so time again at the head of the class. Their list of their admirers over the years is as long as it is powerful: Liza Minelli, Angelica Houston, Elizabeth Taylor, and Bianca Jagger, to name a few. You know that with such a legion of followers, Halston has always been something exceptional. Halston has never forgotten what it is that makes them such an industry leader, and their contemporary collections always acknowledge their roots with legacy touches and a subtle vintage feel. Through their extensive collection of sweaters, dresses, pants, blouses, cardigans, and signature piece jumpsuits, you can see the artistry on display. They have evolved continually throughout their rise to fashion prominence, and continue to do so regularly, eyes firmly planted on the future with a definite reverence for their storied past. Halston collections are self-described as effortless, looking contemporary and striking from their very first reveal. Even if you already know what Halston is all about, we're confident you'll find their look both appealing and classically irresistible. Ready-to-wear glamourous runway style without effort, Halston is available to you here at TSC!