Guillaume Fashion at TSC

Sophisticated. Comfortable. Practical. These are the three words that designer Guillaume Poupart uses to encompass the appeal and aesthetic of his self-titled label collection available to you on TSC. Born in Montreal and based in New York City, Guillaume cut his designing teeth in the whirlwind fashion hot-spot Paris, where the experience of apprenticing under icons Christian Dior and Chanel helped shape his vision for the clothing line he now heads. As his designing career flourished, Guillaume began to enthusiastically mentor a wide cross-section of celebrities in pursuit of their own fashion brands and identities. He has been glowingly featured in a multitude of the elite fashion publications (Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, W, Elle) of the world, and his renowned clothing lines have been displayed and sold through some of the most well known global retailers of our time. His strategy continues to be a melding of the cutting edge vibe of European couture, with the sensibilities of the North American woman, and TSC is happy to bring his collection to you. Pairing a classic perfect cut with flattering comfort, Guillaume's line is a balance of nouveau chic and refined practicality, all with a decided consideration on affordability, too. His fashion is constructed with an eye for both classic feel and modern elegance, and always most importantly, the idea of making a woman look and feel as beautiful as she can be. And for your pampering, luxurious side to be indulged around the house, Guillaume's collection also features comfortable favourites like quilted bedding, throw pillows and rugs, and even cozy slippers for those fashionable nights at home! If your style is calling for some refined international zest while still nuturing your undeniable Canadian side, Guillaume at TSC is exactly what your closet and fashion sense is looking for. Sophisticated. Comfortable. Practical.