Royal Doulton

Royal Daulton- London 1815

For a line of products that are equally classic, elegant and timeless, look no further than the regal and beloved Royal Doulton, available to you here at TSC. Founded in 1815 by John Doulton in Vauxhall, England, what was then named Daulton & Co. specialized in the manufacture of everyday stoneware and utility pipes. By adding a distinct and eye-catching elegance to their products, Daulton escalated in popularity quickly. As their success increased, they began to incorporate higher quality materials and more design variation into their production. By the turn of the 19th century, they would be one of the most popular houseware brands in the world, and even gain a warrant of notation from the English monarchy; from there, the name of Royal Doulton was born. Despite moving production away from Vauxhall to Stoke-On-Trent (the pottery centre of England), Royal Daulton has always remained decidedly British, both in their look and name. Over the years, their product lines have expanded to included all manner of china figurines, holiday themed housewares, tableware, glassware, linens, and lighting. Their reputation for timeless quality is such that they have partnered with many celebrities for exclusive collections over the years, including Gordon Ramsay, Ellen DeGeneres, Vera Wang, and a very special relationship with the English royal family, too. Now in production for over 200 years, Royal Daulton has revolutionized the production and reputation of fine china on countless fronts, becoming the premiere standard for which their competitors and contemporaries strive. Whether you're looking at a piece from a century ago or made within the last few years, there is something unmistakable about Royal Daulton. Representing the best of British ingenuity and style, and balancing simplicity with beautiful elegance, Royal Daulton provides a timeless and enviable look to all of their products. Finely made and instantly treasured, Royal Daulton is available to you here at TSC.