Canon Cameras and Products

For almost a century, Canon has been one the world's elite leaders in imaging equipment and information systems. Take a look at the selection of great products we have available for you here at TSC! Founded in 1933 as the Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory in Japan, they would release their first 35mm camera 3 years later, an instant best-seller. From there (and after a name change to Canon Camera Co. Inc.) they would rapidly become a world leader in the production of countless top-selling products of their day: calculators, fax machines, printers, and of course, cameras. From the beginning, the Canon name has always been a benchmark of quality and cutting edge technology, a trendsetter and innovator who's reputation has been cultivated with precision and excellence. They are also industry leaders in the fields of medical equipment design, network video surveillance, and end-of-life electronics reuse programs. One of the features that has always made Canon so popular is their interchangeability. They have always developed their products with an eye towards multi-purpose use, creating both variety and added value for their customers. Canon are also well ahead of the curve in mindfulness of the environment, too; their Clean Earth Campaign was launched in 1990, and remains dedicated to its mission of smart production combined with efficient recycling practices. You can feel good knowing that when you buy from Canon, you are supporting a company that has takes the future of our planet seriously. Canon has mastered the feat of combining fantastic multiple features with ease-of-use throughout their product lines, and always designed with the highest regard for quality, too. Their products are a reflection of their corporate philosophy called Kyosei: 'All people, regardless of race, religion or culture, harmoniously living and working together into the future.' With Canon, you can enjoy the latest in technology that connects you with the rest of the world, and with an eye towards what's always on the horizon. Canon, available for you here at TSC!