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Keep Reinventing. This is the simple mission that Hewlett-Packard have challenged themselves with since their creation in 1939. Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard began with the idea to create technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere. (They even contributed an early sound system to a filmmaker named Walt Disney to enhance the music for a little movie called Fantasia). HP have progressed into the future with those philosophies in mind, self described as 'being the reinventors, and moving at the speed of curiosity.' In 1969, Hewlett-Packard entered the market with their first computer, alongside an incredibly successful line of smart calculators. By the end of the 80's, they had expanded to include powerful computers with uses for the working world, and were revolutionizing the home computer market with every forward step. As always, HP has only looked ahead: not afraid of failure, only mediocrity. Here at TSC, Hewlett-Packard can offer you a variety of products to help make life better. Their ever-expanding lines of laptops, desktops (both of which are ruggedly built with the specific requirements of gaming in mind), printers, keyboards, and much more, offer incredible functionality combined with intelligent design. HP's drive is to engineer experiences that amaze, and their varied electronic products continue to do exactly that time and again. The Omen laptop series is the envy of anyone with a passion for computer gaming, boasting an incomparable mix of unsurpassed resolution and processing speed that will make it impossible for you to not get lost in the action. Their variety of high performance printers continue to surpass expectations, all with a balanced eye towards multi-functionality, connectivity, and industry leading photo quality. 'If you think you know us today, try again tomorrow'. Always inventing, always reinventing, Hewlett-Packard will provide you the best options for your electronics needs. Available here at TSC.