Skinn Cosmetics by Dimitri James

The beauty of your skin really matters! That’s why SKINN Cosmetics formulates each product using only the most potent active naturals. These magic formulas, such as Deep Wrinkle Protocol, Neck Amour, Non-Negotiables®, PEP40®, Collagenesis® are available for you at TSC. Shop online the SKINN product that better suits your skin! SKINN mission is to focus not on the superficial exterior but on putting effective ingredients inside the jar. With a team of experts in the Beauty industry, the brand develops the latest advancements in skincare science to make you feel good and confident. Keeping a clean, mindful approach to beauty without impacting the performance of the products is also the SKINN priority. Ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, and other unnecessary fillers and preservatives aren’t added to the formulas. This award-winning, global skincare & cosmetics company, was founded in 2002 and operates its OTC Registered Lab and Manufacturing Center in Los Angeles. SKINN’s creator, Dimitri James, joined the universe of beauty inspired by his family. He grew up in a household who owned one of the first pharmacies in Greece, and was focused on defining the unique needs behind beautiful skin. Born in Chicago and raised in Arizona, Dimitri is a third-generation licensed esthetician and celebrity makeup artist who spent most of his adult life in Hollywood. By working with iconic beauty brands, he realized a lack of effective products to give his clients’ skin a better appearance. So, he started SKINN Cosmetics with the passion and commitment to providing consumers everywhere access to premium skincare. Dimitri James has always believed that you get a new sense of self-confidence when you like the way your skin looks. Surrender to the SKINN’s Lab Fresh Formulations™ and experience a transformation on your skin and your self-esteem. TSC provides you with a wide variety of serum, cleanser, anti-aging, collagen and other SKINN Cosmetics products. Shop now!