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Gourmet Food - Treat Yourself

Perhaps you have a taste for something a little upscale and decadent? Maybe you're stuck on a perfect gift for that foodie friend that's so hard to buy for? Want to serve something a little out of the ordinary at your next lunch? Or it could be that you just have a sweet tooth for irresistible British chocolate. All of those things, and more, can be solved with the gourmet food section, in all of its delicious glory, here at TSC!

Featuring many diverse food items that offer something outside of the usual (and in many cases, from different parts of the world), you are sure to find something that suits your taste buds, and delights your craving for something rich, sumptuous, and delicious. Like an international food stall at a specialty market, our gourmet food section has something to tempt everyone. Whether your preference is salty, savoury, sweet, (or all of the above!) look no further to satisfy that craving, and impress your guests with your knowledge of the finer things! Equally perfect for setting the snack table on game night or a charming present for someone special during the holidays, your options are nearly limitless: imported jam and jelly to serve with all manner of delicious international tea, different types of coffee to pair with a selection of impressive desserts, and who doesn't love the buttery taste of real Scottish shortbread? Whether you're revisiting an old favourite, or trying something entirely new, we are sure you will be both delighted and impressed by everything on offer here. Who knows, maybe a new treat will become an instant favourite at first bite? With the fantastic variety of international delicacies available here it's quite possible, and we wouldn't blame you one bit!

Treat yourself, and your loved ones, with something special from the gourmet food section at TSC!