Beurer – Look good. Feel great

Shop products designed with your health and well-being in mind. Feel good and look great with Beurer, available for you here at TSC. Self-defined as a company specializing in all things wellness, Beurer offers a truly versatile range of more than 500 products developed to make you feel good and look your best. Since launching in 1919 by Founders Käthe and Eugen Beurer, Beurer has collaborated with leading experts and institutes to create everyday essentials that help you maintain a modern and healthy lifestyle. Find everything from medical products that focus on prevention and diagnosis to weight management, therapy devices, and massagers, activity sensors, and heart rate monitors. You’ll even discover professional products designed for beauty and baby care. As a full-line supplier of products that support your daily life, Beurer is continuously developing to ensure you have access to the industry’s latest trends. Since its inception, Beurer has received numerous awards for its innovative, high-quality, and consumer accessible products. Recognitions include the internationally renowned red dot award for design excellence, the Plus X Award for its excellence in health and personal care products, the German Brand Award, and awards from Stiftung Warentest and ETM Testmagazin, amongst others. These prestige recognitions result from Beurer’s product-development partnerships with leading companies like the German Hypertension Society, ProBusiness, Muzzley, and the Centre for Integrative Therapy. Beurer’s vast assortment of products comprises five distinct categories: beauty, medical, wellbeing, active, and baby care. You’ll find everything from blood pressure monitors like the Beurer BM 55 in the medical category to daylight therapy lights like the Beurer TL 100 in wellbeing and manicure and pedicure sets like the Beurer MP 62 in beauty. As the number one health care brand in Europe, Beurer offers everything you need to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle. Shop the brand today at TSC.