Nina Leonard

Nina Leonard Collection

Stylish and universally popular, Nina Leonard is available to you here at TSC! Based in New York City, USA, Nina Leonard is a clothing line created for, in their own words, 'ladies who want to look ladies'. Fashion forward and boasting an extensive line of all-inclusive apparel, Nina Leonard is proud of their reputation as an outfitter that offers style, function and comfort all at once, and for every type of woman. Knowing that today's modern woman needs a little bit of everything, they offer a wide variety of on-trend clothing in a multitude of attractive colours and vibrant prints to suit any look. They are also specifically known for creating apparel that is simple to maintain, continues to look great, and available in a fantastic array of inclusive sizes. Nina Leonard is dedicated to the notion of their clothing being appropriate for any age and body type, and stand by their bold credo of 'representing an attitude, not an age'. Nina Leonard is synonymous with versatility too, and their collections are created to specifically address any situation, for any day, for any woman. Equally appropriate for work, leisure, or both, their contemporary vibe will give you the look you want with confidence and a touch of aesthetic fun! Mainstay pieces like dresses, tops, sweaters, and cardigans are designed with a bright and simple elegance, while more playful additions like bell bottoms, pleather trousers, and floral leggings give you the opportunity to mix it up with something a little more unique and stylized. With high potential to mix and match, Nina Leonard could very well have everything you need in one extensive fashionable stop! See why the world has embraced the Nina Leonard collection and it continues to retain a steady following far and wide. Attractively priced and available to you here at TSC!