Rhonda Shear Shapewear

Rhonda Shear - look better, feel better

Actress, comedienne, philanthropist, and author Rhonda Shear understands the need to perfectly balance looking great, and being comfortable while doing it. As a veteran of countless television productions, movies, magazine shoots and public appearances, Shear had seen and experienced much, and brings the wealth of those experiences to you with her product line here at TSC! After a whirlwind career in Los Angeles, Shear appeared on the fashion scene in 2003. Shear's vision for her line (which includes all manner of intimates, sleepwear, and shapewear) was to make apparel that was versatile for both the glamourous tinsel-town star and soccer mom alike, with comfortable fabrics, cutting edge technologies, and affordable for one and all. Inspired by the glamour of Old Hollywood, of which Shear is an avid fan, she has said 'I adore the old films and stars of yesterday. They were ladies, and they loved looking fabulous at all times. They knew how to flirt. They knew that ""less is more"". Sexy can be modest, showing just a hint.' You can see this mindset in all her collections -extremely feminine, often lacey, and perfectly cut for all body shapes- balancing a tasteful boldness that easily goes hand in hand with her dedication to comfort for you. Shear is already legendary for her introduction of the hugely popular Ahh Bra, and she continues to supplement her product line with ever-improving fabrics, shapers and technologies. Her designs and collections continue to be internationally renowned, and remain constant best-sellers with all manner of women around the globe. If you're looking for a selection of bras, briefs, panties, camis and more that lovingly embrace your femininity without sacrifice of practical comfort, Rhonda Shear's line is definitely for you. Available in multiple sizes and colours, Shear's vision can be yours, affordably and stylishly, here at TSC.