Dell- Real Discovery

When 19-year old Micheal Dell started PC's Limited from his University of Austin dorm room in 1984, he had the revolutionary idea of building his systems with customizable, unique upgrade options. With that novel concept, the foundation for Dell Inc. was born, and decades later continues to be a true leader in the world of computers and electronics. Check out the power and reliability of Dell here at TSC. Knowing that not every computer user requires the same features has always been the guiding principle of Dell. Built from the ground up with an absolute focus on individual computing needs, that's only where their company strategy begins. Dell are very proud in the fact they are self-governed by five characteristics that echo back to their earliest days: deep unique customer insight, a passion for helping customers succeed, a collaboratively developed standards-based technology, leadership in online social media, and unmatched efficiency and responsibility. Always putting the needs and voices of their valuable customers first, and doing so with an environmentally-minded conscience, is what continues to make them different and successful. The game-changing Inspirion All-In-One computer is proof of their principles in action, developed with every one of their important ideals in mind. Not everything with Dell is solely about hardware, though. Over the years they have developed an impressive amount of software, applications, and e-commerce solutions to perfectly compliment their product lines. Dell Cinema is a powerful mix of streaming focused technology, paired with impressive sound and movie-quality display. The popular Dell Mobile Connect App seamlessly melds your Android phone with your computer, allowing you to do everything on one that you could on the other, with security and convenience! Your computer needs are vastly different than anyone else's, and Dell is proud to help you with what you need. Dell computers and products are available for you here at TSC.