Amber Extraordinaire

Amber Extraordinaire - Exclusive To TSC

Rich, colourful, and bold, Amber Extraordinaire is available to you here at TSC! Exclusive to the The Shopping Channel, Amber Extraordinaire is the mastermind enterprise of Zbigniew Hauderowicz and Teresa Tworek, a duo of Polish immigrants who immigated to Canada in 1986. While hosting friends from back home many years later, they were profoundly stricken by the beauty and majesty of the amber jewellery they had on; 20 years later, they are proud to bring the national jewel of Poland in its natural radiant beauty to The Shopping Channel, and you! Poland is known for being the planet's primary source of the highest quality amber, regarded with a special reverence in Eastern Europe for its beauty, bounty, and almost mystical composition. With a natural eye for style and design, Hauderowicz and Tworek have retained strong ties with their homeland through the cultivation, refining, and finishing of its gorgeous rich amber, bringing it to Canada in a stunning collection to suit any taste. From pieces of sophisticated beauty to others of jaunty irreverence, you are sure to find Amber Extraordinaire's line of various jewellery both unique and unquestionably beautiful. While most often set in high quality sterling silver, many pieces in their collection stand on their own with meticulously selected amber stones as the rightful focus. Available in a veritable rainbow of colours, their undeniable hues and endless sparkle have the power to captivate, and accessorise your look like nothing else. Whether you're looking for something understated and classy, or vibrant and attention getting, Amber Extraordinaire is sure to have that perfect piece for you and your look. Completely assembled -from beginning to end- in Poland, Amber Extraordinaire is that vessel that brings the undeniable beauty of amber to Canada, and to you. Sure to delight and thrill, Amber Extraordinaire is available to you here at TSC!