Acer - Make Your Mark

Acer knows that the right technology in the right hands makes all the difference. Combing affordability, functionality and reliability, they have something for everyone's needs, and available for you here at TSC. Founded in Taiwan in 1976, Stan Shih and his wife Carolyn Yeh began their journey under the banner of Multitech International. Their early years focused mainly on producing computer parts, and by the time they rebranded as Acer in 1987 they were already emerging as an aggressive global PC manufacturer. Decades of experience in an ever-changing industry have made them leaders in knowing what their customers want, and Acer continues to provide the world with products for an inclusive variety of users. From the most basic computer user to the hardcore competitive gamer, they continue to introduce features and products that appeal across the board for everyone. Balancing power, memory, screen resolution, and a host of fantastic original features, Acer continues to strive for excellence. The introduction of their interior AeroBlade 3D fan boosts computer performance with an incredible enhancement, and helps move you towards increased productivity, connectivity, and fun. You will also marvel at the physical design of their products too, which fuse together an ultimate combination of attractive sleekness and maximum usability. Acer is also an observant industry leader in environmental responsibility, and a constant high-ranking presence amongst their competitors and peers. Between their proven product performance and commitment to the needs of the planet, you can enjoy what Acer has to offer and know it was made with a responsible eye towards Earth's future. Whether it's the reliability of the Inspire 3, the fierce aggressiveness of the Nitro 5, the bold versatility of the Switch 10, or one of their many impressive monitors, let Acer help you explore beyond limits. Available for you now here at TSC.