Barbie by Mattel

Is there really another collectable toy as iconic and distinct as Barbie? Whether you're a serious collector or a casual fan, we have an entire line of the world's favourite doll available for here at TSC! Introduced to the world in March 1959 at the American Toy Fair by Mattel founders Ruth and Elliot Handler, Barbie has become nothing short of a cultural revolution. She is both reflective of the times and helps shape them, too. She has broken barriers, redefined gender roles, and given children around the world the chance to equally play and dream. Available globally in countless editions (Mattel has released versions of world famous celebrities, important historical figures, and athletes in all manner of cultural and racial representations), it would seem there is no limit to what this ambitious woman can be or do. She has been a runway model, an astronaut, a pilot, an Olympian, a fashion designer, a presidential candidate, and all manner of royalty, to name a very select few, and always with her defining trademark style and strength. Barbie does not solely occupy the world of dolls, either. Over the years, her name has not only been synonymous with limitless playset accessories -houses, condos, cars, air planes, race horses- but has exploded into the world of real life fashion, jewellery, and cosmetics, too. Inspired by her lifestyle of workaday determination and ever-present glamour, each product carries the essence of what Barbie has meant to every generation since her debut over sixty years ago. Regardless if you see Barbie as a feminist icon, a pop culture mirror of the times, an elite collectable, or simply a fantastic toy, you cannot deny her influence on the world- both real and imaginary. Discover the world of Barbie, with all of its style and iconic spirit, available to you here at TSC!