Nellie’s – Eco-friendly laundry and cleaning solutions

Discover the undeniable benefits of all-natural, eco-friendly, hypoallergic, and effective laundry solutions brought to you by Nellie’s and available to you here at TSC! Founded by James Roberts, Nellie’s is a brand that prides itself on putting family first. The Nellie’s brand was inspired by James’ mother, Nellie Roberts, who believed in honesty and simplicity – two key values that perfectly embody the company’s morals. James wanted to find a way to honour his late mother, so he built an empire on the foundation of “green cleaning” in his mother’s name, which she was highly-passionate about. Nellie’s offers a full line of eco-friendly cleaning products for your laundry, kitchen, and more, including a plant-based multi-purpose soap that is safe for use on pets, as well as dryer balls made of pure wool that act as natural fabric softeners. The brand’s most popular product, Nellie’s Laundry Soda, leaves your clothes smelling beautifully fresh and feeling incredibly soft and free of any residue. This popular laundry detergent powder contains all-natural ingredients making it completely toxic-free and ideal for anyone with sensitive skin and other sensitivities. All of Nellie’s laundry products are biodegradable, keeping the environment as spotless as your clothes. The entire Nellie's laundry line is free of harmful toxins, phosphates, and synthetic fragrances and is also HE machine-certified and made without fillers. Nelli’s chooses powder over liquid laundry detergents because powder can pack more cleaning power! Powder is more concentrated than liquid options, which are primarily made of water. All you need is one tablespoon of Nelli’s Laundry Soda for a perfect naturally-clean load of laundry! A true testament to the product's power are the endless glowing customer reviews. “I have been using Nellie's for 1 year now and I love it! It cleans better than other Laundry soaps… even liquid! I find my clothes come out from the washer without any residue on them, unlike the other laundry soap does.” Says one TSC customer. Keep it simple with Nellie’s eco-friendly cleaning solutions, available to you here at TSC!