Fujifilm- Be Unique. Be You. Be Instant

Fujifilm has what you need for all of your digital photography projects, and available to you here at TSC! A true founding original in the world of photography, Fuji was founded in 1934 in Toyko, Japan, under the initial banner of the Daicel Corporation. Looking to compete in the film market, they became successful quickly through immediate brand recognition and providing photographers with a constant high quality product. Over the decades, they were responsible for the production and sale of multiple highly-used and award winning cameras alongside their film products. Not only did they contribute heavily to the world of still photography, but to motion picture film and medical applications (such a x-ray imaging) as well. Their long list of subsidiary divisions include Fuji Medical, Fuji Optical, Fuji Software, and Fuji Pharma, to name a very small few. Their long standing association with Xerox has served them well in their continued product solutions for imaging reproduction, and they also oversee a cosmetics division, too! Always adaptable, always evolving, and true to their reputation as fast thinking innovators, Fujifilm recognized the global shift to digital preference many years before it came to pass. Their roots and legacy may come from print film products, but they continue as a well known and respected manufacturer of digital options in the faster current age. A popular product in Fujifilm's current line is their fun and trendy Instax camera. Available in a variety of vibrant colours and models, and with multiple film options too, you can enjoy and capture the moment in simple and fashionable style! With their near-century of experience in the worlds of technology and photography, trust Fuji to bring to you what you need with incredible quality and pride. Be Unique. Be You. Be Instant. That's Fuji's motto of the day, and its available for you to experience here at TSC!