Air Innovations

Air Innovations – Your Home Air Quality Solution

Enhance your quality of life with clean air solutions for your home by Air Innovations. Shop the innovative collection online here at TSC. Now more than ever, clean, purified air in our homes is vital for staying healthy. Crafted with your health in mind, Air Innovations air purifiers and humidifiers eliminate 99% of airborne pollutants and render 86% of airborne virus particles powerless, according to WebMD. Air Innovations is the brand you can trust to sleep better, feel better, and look better. Headquartered in Miramar, Florida, the global leader in specialty air conditioning, Air Innovations was founded by innovator and entrepreneur Joe McDonnell. The brand's industry-leading line of home comfort solutions includes an expanding portfolio of specialty environmental control products like clean mist and aromatherapy humidifiers, cooling fans, air purifiers, diffusers, and more. Joe proudly brings three decades of experience as a successful business entrepreneur and inventor to the industry of home care, which initially began with his invention of the first of its kind carbon monoxide detector followed by an online security protocol which is still used by most banks and big-name corporations like Sprint and AMEX today. Air Innovations functional and stylish products consistently outperform the competition and are designed to achieve one simple goal: improve the quality of your everyday life. You'll discover benefits that include relieving seasonal dry throats and dry skin by infusing clean, pure, and healthy moisture into your home. What’s more is that Air Innovations' easy-to-use humidifiers are constructed out of antimicrobial materials to prevent the harmful growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria in your home. Start improving the air quality in your home today when you shop Air Innovations at TSC, including top-rated products like the Sensa Touch Top Fill Humidifier, which refreshes dry winter air and adds a fresh fragrance to any room through a pleasant cooling mist and built-in aroma tray. Your comfortable home environment starts with Air Innovations.