M. Asam

M. Asam® Cosmetics - Plant-based Beauty Ingredients

Meet a unique range of skincare products that combine selected plant-based and innovative high-tech ingredients. M. Asam® Cosmetics created a successful “Made in German” formula to counteract the signs of premature skin aging and, of course, we couldn't help but offer you a great selection of these amazing treatments online at TSC! Guided by the “You are beautiful.” motto M. Asam® created its new and innovative range of self-care and beauty products. Tradition and innovation have accompanied the company as early as 1963 when Marcus Asam's parents had started their family-owned cosmetics company. Marcus and his wife Mirjam continued the business and later developed their first brand with M. Asam®. VINO GOLD® was the first product line to stand out, followed by other innovative skin and hair care treatments such as VinoLift, Resveratrol, Aqua intense, Hyaluron Repair, Collagen Boost, Ahuhu, Perfect Teint and others. M. Asam® uses precious natural ingredients to create its formulas of high-quality anti-aging care that visibly counteracts the signs of aging. The grapes have active ingredients that lead to optimal care results in cosmetics. Resveratrol extracted from grapevines, OPC extracted from grape seeds, grape cell water and cold-pressed grape seed oil. This has given the brand its high level of awareness. The company also uses unique maritime active ingredients from the depths of the sea, complexes that pamper the skin in a very special way. The brand stands for exclusive, high-quality care and unique cosmetic products that use valuable and effective ingredients to make every skin look beautiful and youthful. M. Asam® produces everything in-house to guarantee the highest requirements for quality and safety transforming your passion for beauty into powerful formulas for a daily self-care routine. Cosmetics for all seasons and needs M. Asam® offers the perfect product for each season, so you can continue your skin care treatment during the whole year. When the sun shines and Summer arrives you can get your skin glowing with the regenerating PURE VITAMINS care series. For extra hydration, AQUA INTENSE® with the fragrance-free and moisturizer power will help you. Have on your hand the MAGIC FINISH Make-Up to hide small skin imperfections at any time. During winter, your skin will require special care, and VINOLIFT® products are the right choice for the cold season. Those who prefer to use multipurpose products are guaranteed to make the right choice with the bestseller line VINO GOLD®. At TSC you can find other M. Asam® skincare products to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun or the cold. From nourishing day creams to highly concentrated serums and soothing body scrubs to exquisite fragrances. Cosmetics with luxurious textures, elegant design and irresistible scent. Enjoy youthful and fresh skin all year round!