International Gold

International Gold- Classically Beautiful

There is perhaps nothing more classic than finely wrought jewellery made from gold. Shimmering, eternal, and beautiful, the irresistible line of jewellery from International Gold is available to you here at TSC. Originating from historic locales in nations like Turkey and Italy, International Gold is nothing less than a classically realized jeweller that creates pieces of sheer quality and beauty. Whether you're looking for a beautifully conceived ring (often set with the incomparable sparkle of diamonds), a sophisticated necklace, an understated bracelet, or universally admired earrings, International Gold will accessorize you with truly outstanding pieces, suitable for any outfit, occasion, or venue. Their value isn't just reflected in an obvious beauty and craftsmanship, but a decidedly universal appeal, as well. Available in both white and yellow gold and a full range of karats, you will not only admire the level of skill in their design, but the sheer variety of beautiful pieces. With International Gold, there is truly something for everyone, and available at the same attractive pricing you've come to expect with TSC. Employing the beloved standard of quality gold, their creations and pieces are also perfectly ideal for mix and match compatibility, and will just as easily compliment your existing jewellery as stand beautifully on its own. Offering a wide range of conventional type pieces (including an attractive selection of real jewellery for children) combined with more personalized and unique creations (such as their charming astrologically inspired talismans, representative of its wearer's birth sign and stone), you will find International Gold to have everything you need for either yourself, or the special admirer of gold in your life. Classic, elegant, and always timeless, let International Gold offer something new and beautiful to your jewellery box. With pricing to suit any budget, International Gold is available to you here at TSC.