Nuage Women's Outerwear

Contemporary, classic and vibrant all at once, Nuage outerwear is available to you here at TSC! Based in St. Laurent, Quebec, and part of the Capital Garment Co. group of designers, Nuage is all about adding confidence and diversity to the life of every contemporary woman. Their varied selection of coats and jackets don't only reflect all different types of women, but protection and fashion for every season, too. Boasting an attractive level of high style, and suitable for virtually any occasion, Nuage appeals to every woman with their impressive array of diverse creations; no style is left undiscovered, and at the absolute height of chic design, too! Regardless if you're in the market for something slinky and sophisticated, sporty and trendy, or classically understated, Nuage understands the importance of selection, and are proud to offer it. Faux furs, parkas, ski jackets, raincoats, ponchos, classic wool overcoats...Nuage impressively has it all, created with impeccable craftsmanship and wonderful fabric options. Adding to their value, some of Nuage's creations offer inventive multi-purpose uses (such as their inventive 5 in 1 coat), an array of novel and dynamic features, and all are available in a multitude of attractive and stylish colours, too. Not only do Nuage offer on-trend style, but they help to reinvent it with creativity and imagination, almost endlessly. Being designed in Canada, you know Nuage also factor in the various weather types we experience, not only season to season, but sometimes month to month! Your comfort and protection aren't sacrificed for the fantastic look Nuage brings you to successfully face your day. Effortlessly balancing classic cuts with fashion forward consideration, Nuage caters to all types of women, regardless of lifestyle, age, or anything else. Check out the wonderful selection of their jackets and coats, available to you here at TSC!