N Natori

N Natori - Where Life Meets Art

A multi-product brand of renown and recognition, N Natori is available to you here at TSC! Founded in New York in 1977 by entrepreneur Josie Natori, her brand and line to grown to impressive size through her vision and unique focused drive. In her own words, she says 'Natori is a total concept, a way of life. I just happened to start at the back door with lingerie. Now as the company grows, we grow our sensibility too, taking our concept and making it a whole world. As we say here, Natori is ‘where life meets art’.' Repurposing a blouse from her native Philippines as a nightshirt, and in turn selling the concept to Bloomingdales, put Natori and her vision on the map. The N Natori brand and influence grew quickly, and its position in the fashion stratosphere holds its relevance just as securely over 40 years later. One of the many secrets to N Natori's success and longevity is its one of a kind 'East Meets West' fusion. Natori has never forgotten where she comes from, and always holds the values and culture of the Philippines near to her. All of her products, which include lingerie, sleepwear, ready-to-wear, home, fragrance and eyewear (to name a few), possess a distinct Eastern influence that combines effortlessly with Western sensibilities; a true fusion of her thinking and outlook. One look at their designs and you will see how the melding of bold elegance and practical function has made them such a popular and recognized lifestyle brand. Constructed with flattering cuts and quality easy-maintenance fabrics, their collection is also affordable and available in a wide array of colours and patterns to suite any fashion tastes. Give your wardrobe that vibrant infusion of flare you can only get with N Natori, available to you here at TSC!