XBOX- Power Your Dreams

Power you dreams with Xbox, available to you here at TSC! Founded by computer giant Microsoft in 2001, Xbox quickly became one of the elite gaming consoles in the world. Supplemented by their streaming service Xbox Live, and developing a multitude of games under Xbox Game Studios, they represent a true force in the world of home gaming. In fact, they have such acknowledgement for their brand and its power, they officially changed their development division's name from Microsoft Studios to Xbox Game Studios as of 2019. They have also proven revolutionary in their embrace and use of cloud gaming through the subscription service Xbox Pass (with over 65 million subscribers world wide), making for a limitless experience in play options. Play by yourself or online against your friends, the choice is yours! Over the past two decades, Xbox have brought to the world four generations of gaming consoles, three of which have been monster sellers and unquestionably helped define the modern gaming landscape. The next ones are the brand new hardware releases of the much anticipated Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X; there is no doubt it will prove as popular and successful as its blockbuster predecessors! Xbox always has a top flight selection of games available too, bringing the action of the greatest characters, franchises, and action packed experiences to you! With such beloved franchises as FIFA 21, Call Of Duty, The Outer Worlds, Doom, and The Avengers from Marvel, Xbox continues to bring you the greatest gaming experiences with the most immersive level of play. With their current motto 'Dream of Better In Every Way', Xbox shows no intention of slowing down, and continuing to bring you the innovation, cutting edge excitement, and next level of gaming the world has embraced. Power your dreams with Xbox, available here at TSC!