Mera Linens

Mera Linens - Tableware & Home Decor Exclusive Design

Dress your table beautifully with the runners, placemats, chargers, napkins and tablecloths by Mera Linens; Add a charming touch to your living room with the brand’s cushion and pillow covers; Or transform your bedroom into the perfect place to relax with a nice and elegant bedding set. The vast collection by Mera Linens offers unique patterns, textures and finishes to compliment everyday living, entertaining and holiday occasions. Meet the brand’s exclusive yet affordable design for every season and any occasion offered by TSC online! With Mera Linens, not only does your home gets more sophisticated, but moments with family and friends become more special. With a diverse range of themes, Mera Linens offers you the opportunity to change your home according to your mood. Different handicraft techniques and materials, such as embroidery, 3D appliques, lace and macramé, add personality, style and refinement to the pieces. By mixing fabrics like cotton, linen, ramie and others, the company creates Its unique collections that also include Christmas tree skirts and stockings. The pieces complement each other with matching patterns so you can decorate the whole place following the same theme. Collect good memories and stories, making your home a beautiful place full of life and joy with Mera Linens! Shop online at TSC. About the company Mera Linens is one of Mera International Ltd.'s brands, which also includes The Lauren Holly Collection, Debbie Travis and Homestead in the portfolio. A leader in its sector, Mera International manufactures and distributes tablecloths, kitchen textiles and home decor accessories worldwide. Founded in 1987, the Canadian company has private ownership and operation, proudly developing products that differ by their unique designs and impeccable details. Quality and elegance are present in all brands, and each item is produced to guarantee maximum satisfaction for the customers. For over 30 years, Mera International has been committed to creating affordable linens to transform your home into a more pleasant space to live in.