Kalorik Kitchen Appliances | Air Fryers, Ovens, Blenders and more

Looking for appliances that will facilitate your daily routine in the kitchen or simplify your preparations while entertaining your guests? Kalorik products will cater to any situation, from everyday meals to making popcorn for a Friday night movie and much more. The company has been committed for almost a century to providing you with products that meet new trends and demands for quality, modern design and efficiency. Available in Canada through TSC, the brand variety includes waffle makers, food steamers, pressure cookers, indoor grill, counter oven and more. Check out the benefits that each product offers for you to nail even the most challenging recipes. Whether you are making tea or coffee, Kalorik kettles are designed to heat the water to the perfect temperature for each beverage. Cook delicious kebabs, hamburgers, sausages, potato chips or chicken wings in just a few minutes with the Kalorik air fryers. Combining unmatched features and sleek design, the air fryers will help you bring to life several recipes while preserving quality and durability. Kalorik blenders & mixers can tackle the toughest job with the touch of a button. The powerful performance makes eating and preparing healthy meals so easy that you will enjoy cooking even more. Bring Italy home and impress your family and friends by turning frozen or homemade pizzas into restaurant-quality artisan pizza. Explore the Kalorik brand at TSC, shop online and receive at your home the appliances that will change the way you cook. About Kalorik Kalorik is a second-generation industry leader passionate about developing superior appliances for your kitchen that makes life and cooking faster, easier and healthier for everyone. With 90 years in the market, the Kalorik brand has become synonymous with superior engineering and cutting-edge innovation. The company, founded in 1930 in Belgium, was one of the first small appliance manufacturers in Europe to develop the electric toaster. Being at the forefront of innovation, evolving and adapting its products to fit ever-changing lifestyles remains the brand's focus today. The wide range of products by Kalorik, from conventional air fryers to deep fryers, kettles to blenders, deliver the best in functionality, durability and design.