CCM. All Out.

You can go all out on your game with CCM, available for you here at TSC! Founded in 1899 in Weston, Ontario, CCM (a short form of Canadian Cycle & Motor Company Ltd.) originally only existed as a powerful competitor in the booming bicycle market. Firmly stabilized as a major bike manufacturer, they began to dedicate excess metal from their factory towards production of ice skates. From there, the legacy of CCM was born. CCM have been responsible for some of the most legendary and influential additions to Canada's favourite game. If you came of age during the last century, the 'Tacks' skate is as well known as anything else in hockey. Over the years, the 'Vector' model skate and many others became worthy successors in accelerating the game and marking the height of sporting excellence. Through the decades, they have had countless sponsor partnerships with hockey personalities (Sidney Crosby, Carey Price, Connor McDavid, and Alexander Ovechkin, to name a small few) and the NHL too, always at the forefront of the game and synonymous with hockey itself. While ownership of CCM has changed hands a few times over the years, they remain as dedicated to hockey as ever, with cutting edge technology in skates, pads, helmets or sticks, manufacturing jerseys of the game's elite figures, or casual fan wear that is sure to thrill just like it's time to drop the puck on game day! If you're also a collector of autographed memorabilia, CCM and TSC have items available that are sure to thrill even the most dedicated hockey fanatic with long sought additions for their game room wall! If hockey is your passion, like it is for so many of us, then CCM has what you need to play your best game and show your team pride. Available for you here at TSC!