Estate Originals

Estate Originals - Genuine Treasures From The Past

Own something unique and from the beautiful past with Estate Originals, here at TSC! Are you someone who has dreamt of owning a truly one of a kind, marvellous piece of vintage jewellery? Perhaps you are somewhat of a selective collector, and always on the lookout for that perfect accessory from years gone by to add to your personal trove. Maybe you have an incredible event on the horizon, and need that decidedly spectacular piece to really complete your look. Regardless of your ultimate reason, Estate Originals is your resource for those otherwise unavailable treasures. Each piece tells its own unique and timeless story, from eras and people of the glamourous past. Truly vintage and irreplaceable, delight your senses with what Estate Originals has to offer you. Like a personal trip though time, you will be dazzled and enraptured by such incredible finds. Every item is exactly as displayed, and authentically signify the romance, glitter and history of wondrous eras in our past. Whether its a magnificent relic from the distinguished Victorian Age, Art Deco innovation, jazz-era opulence, or other periods of note, you will genuinely marvel at these astounding markers of the more luxurious moments in our history. It cannot be overstated that each individual piece from Estate Originals was, as the name suggests, acquired through direct purchase, and is entirely unique. This is not one of numerous mass-produced counterparts, but a true rarity that can be seen as a window into a period that is long gone. In some instances, an item being sold by Estate Originals will show tracings of its age and the magnificent times it has witnessed. You will always be obtaining your find in the best possible conditions, and always exactly as it has been displayed here. For an absolute connection to the romantic past, explore Estate Originals, available to you at TSC.