Roz Kwan Jewellery Collection

Roz Kwan Collection - Exclusive to TSC

The Roz Kwan Jewellery Collection is available to you, exclusively here at TSC! A passionate enthusiast for all things related to gems, jade and pearls, Kwan infuses every one of her designs with an excitement that reflects her own vision and personality. Seeing the true essence of every piece selected for her creations, Kwan designs each with its maximum natural beauty on full display. In her own words 'each piece that I create has a story to tell. Each piece has a unique and delightful design. Something with a lot of wearability, and something I want women to wear every day.' We are sure that you cannot help but feel exactly the same! Whether you're looking for a stunning colourful bracelet, a dazzling necklace that is sure to set you apart from the crowd, a bold ring, or something else entirely, Roz Kwan is sure to have that perfect accessory to both empower and help you look your fashionable best. Not only is this selection unique in its appeal, but also as extensive as it is undeniably gorgeous. Many pieces are available in multiple variations, creating extra value and added desirability for the discerning eye. Working with a beautiful selection of the aforementioned gems and a hint of exotic Asian aesthetic, you can add something unique and wonderfully universal to both your jewellery box and look. Kwan's pieces compliment one another magnificently, but with the added potential to mix and match flawlessly with other beloved pieces in your existing collection. Many are completed with lustrous silver or gold, and carry the earmark of artisan attention in its composition and features. Add something unique, sophisticated and fun to your ensembles with the Roz Kwan Jewellery Collection; there is something to please most any taste, and its available for you here exclusively at TSC!