Amazon on TSC

Amazon are something well beyond just a brand or company name. They have redefined the way we shop, the way we interact, and the way we run our lives. Their vast array of products have been created and introduced to us to make our lives easier, and they are available for you here at TSC! Started in 1995 in Washington State and based out of a garage in a rented house, founder Jeff Bezos started his online bookstore with a family loan and a vision of streamlined, seamless retail service. After a few months, Amazon was quickly providing book service to all of the United States, and Canada would quickly follow. Now, it is a global provider for virtually everything imaginable, with a constant eye towards new and improved ways of doing things and making life easier. Not just an absolute retail giant, but an innovative leader in multiple fields, they have introduced to to us products and services that have become commonplace with the current age: the Fire Stick, Amazon Prime, 'Free Shipping' amounts, cloud computing, and Alexa, the friendly voice of everything Amazon. One of their most innovative, popular and time-saving products is the Amazon Echo Show, which can be described as 'the brain to your home'. Remarkably simple to set-up, operate, and only limited by your imagination, it allows your home to run exactly as you want, with nothing more than a few spoken commands. This allows you the chance to enjoy endless hours of programming through your Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV Cube, or access the world with cutting edge devices like the Fire tablet. With Amazon, the sky is truly the limit, for today and tomorrow. Take the opportunity to see for yourself with their incredible products and services, available for you at fantastic prices, here at TSC!