Graziela Gems

Graziella Gems - Colour, Craft and Beauty

It is said that to be truly great at what you do, you have to love it like nothing else. In the case of Graziella Kaufman, she simply loves designing jewellery, and it shows in each and every stunning piece. Here at TSC, we have all of the bold and striking pieces in her beautiful collection to add to yours! Certified by the Gemological Institute of America and based out of Chicago USA, Kaufman is no stranger to quality in her familiarity with coloured gems, diamonds, and all manner of jewellery in general. Gifted with an eye for the impeccable, her collection of gorgeous pieces are a testament to her skill and creativity. Whether you're looking for a dazzling set of earrings, an eye-popping ring that is sure to grab as many second glances as compliments, or an elegant necklace of exquisite taste, Graziella can accessorize you like no other. Admired and worn by a multitude of high-profile celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Lopez, and Taylor Swift to name a small few, she has certainly caught the attentions of trend-makers and industry giants alike. Working with tasteful contrasts of colour, and unique designs that are amazingly contemporary and timeless all at once, you will marvel at their accessibility with almost any outfit, and ability to elevate your look to something extraordinary. She takes incredible pride in being the architect of every single hand-made piece in her collection (an interested that was learned and nurtured growing up in Brazil through her grandfather), and the attention to detail is refined, unique, and magical. Using vibrant gemstones in many of her signature pieces, you can see the influence and energy of her homeland in every one. Traditionally stunning, beautifully crafted, and undeniably fresh, the Graziella Gems collection is available to you here at TSC!