Majestic Athletic Wear

Wear your official team colours with pride and quality with Majestic, available for you here at TSC! As an officially licensed sports apparel manufacturer, Majestic understands how seriously fans take their support. With that in mind, Majestic proudly has you covered with athletic wear from every team, from every league, and for every season! Whether your affiliation is NBA, MLB, MLS, NHL, NFL, or something else entirely, you can count on Majestic to have what you need to feel like a part of the team! All replica jerseys, regardless of league or team, are designed to recreate the exact specification of what the pros wear: lightweight with breathable fabric technology, and all official colours, logos and patches on display for you to show the world! Branded athletic wear is always composed of quality, comfortable materials, and in vivid colours to let your fandom shine. Majestic also offers an incredible selection of athletic apparel to match any taste. Regardless if you're looking for a t-shirt, hoodie, long sleeve, or more, Majestic has something for even the most discerning sports fan. They can keep you looking sporty and proud off-season too, with wonderfully branded gear that reflects comfort and keeps your passion going year round! Majestic always wants to make sure they can properly attire all types of fans, and have their quality wear available in all manner of sizes, and for both men and women. Majestic are also in the business of collectables, and offer an exciting selection of wall hangings, autographed paraphernalia, championship gear, and limited edition pieces to make your sports fan experience that much more unique! For the casual and die hard fan alike, get yourself suited up with all your favourite gear from Majestic. It doesn't matter if its at a game day match or from the comfort of your home, be a part of the team and bring your passion, available for you here at TSC!