Adidas Sportswear

Let Adidas suit you up for all your big NHL fandom moments, available here at TSC! Started in 1924 Germany, Adidas has grown to be the standard by which all other sportswear companies model themselves. A true legend, they are the largest sporting wear manufacturer in Europe, and the second largest globally. They maintain powerful ties with virtually every sport on the planet -especially soccer- and are affectionately known and recognized by the familiar 'three stripes' that adorn almost all of their gear. Their rise to sporting dominance is legendary, and they have comfortably maintained the position of a preferred athletic outfitter throughout their century of existence. No facet of sportswear remains untouched by Adidas, from footwear, leisure wear, training gear, body scents, and athletic equipment itself for almost any sport imaginable. The Adidas empire was originally built on modified athletic footwear, when founder Adi Dassler (the company name is a clever reworking of his) looked to create an alternative to metal spikes on running shoes, the standard of the time. Replacing them with primarily moulded rubber, Dassler was able to decrease weight without sacrificing performance. From there, the company expanded gradually, and became associated with not only sporting excellence, but fashion in general, too. With this being Canada though, the name of the game is hockey, and TSC is proud to feature an extensive line of authentic NHL game day jerseys for the super fan in your life! As the official supplier to the NHL since 2017, Adidas recreates their jerseys to the same specifications of what the pros wear. Whether you support one of the Original Six or a more recent powerhouse, Adidas outfits you with the team you want, in all of the iconic colours, stitching and features you'd expect. Show your colours and sporting pride with Adidas, available to you here on TSC!