RICARDO - Kitchen Products to Enhance Your Cooking

The kitchen has the power to bring people together and create memories that will always be fondly remembered. This inspired Ricardo Larrivée to start his career in the food industry and dedicate his journey to making cooking accessible to everyone. With a clear mission to encourage cooking and promote the importance of eating together, Ricardo created his own kitchenware collection. The years of experience as a chef, television host, food writer and entrepreneur, led him to develop a product line that covers all your culinary needs. Meet the cookware, bakeware, tableware, small appliances, tools and accessories by RICARDO, available here at TSC, and make your meals even more enjoyable. Ricardo Larrivé is a Canadian celebrity chef from Quebec known throughout the country for his numerous awards and dedication to inspiring people to cook. Combining his multiple talents, Ricardo published several cookbooks sharing his recipes, a culinary magazine, hosted popular TV Shows and became a businessman. He is the owner of Espace RICARDO, Mama Choka chocolate shop, Café RICARDO and RICARDO Boutique + Café. In addition to that, Ricardo has a food products’ brand and a diverse line of easy-to-use kitchen products. Designed to make your life less complicated, all the items offer you durability, efficiency and practicality, from utensils to appliances. You can make a perfect and delicious French crepe by using the non-stick RICARDO crepe maker. With The Rock coating technology, which is three times more resistant than normal Teflon, your crepe will be golden and uniform. Even simple tools such as the potato masher carry features that can transform tough tasks into simple ones. The heavy-gauge 18/10 stainless steel, ergonomic handle and silicone lip - that protects non-stick will turn potatoes into a smooth purée with little effort. There is much more in RICARDO’s collection to simplify the way you cook! Discover the quality and functionality of the cast iron skillet, slow cooker, baking sheet, grill pan, etc. Shop online at TSC what suits you best!