Vanessa Williams

The Vanessa Williams Collection- Elegance & Comfort

Helping you find your own style and embracing it, Vanessa Williams in available to you here at TSC! Vanessa Williams has worn many hats over her impressive career; the native New Yorker has been a Miss America, a pop star, a model, an actor, a philanthropist, and in 2016 added fashion designer to her ever-busy resume. Williams believes in the empowerment of each and every woman regardless of who she is, and has created a clothing line that is accessible, beautiful, and meant to help bring out the inner you with a unique and sophisticated flare. Whether you're looking for an item to complete that interview ensemble, look chic for an evening out on the town, or simply add a little extra something to an everyday outfit, the Vanessa Williams collection is sure to have the piece that's ideal for you. Available in a multitude of sizes, prints, and colours, Williams has masterminded a clothing line that also features a variety of different items: pants, dresses, skirts, sweaters, and a selection of eye-catching jumpsuits will help bring the essence of 'you' to the surface, and guarantee your fashion-forward projection day to day. Williams cites the three most important features in a fashion collection as elegant, unique, and comfortable, and with her line she has encompassed all three with stylish ease. She has also captured an incredible versatility with her designs, that she herself cites as being equally ideal for the office, on a plane, strolling somewhere after work, and much more; 'modern working women' is the inspiration and theme, and Williams herself should know...she's one of the busiest of them all! Give your closet and wardrobe something that is both universal and completely of its own with the beautiful collection made by superstar Vanessa Williams, available to you here at TSC!