Emile Henry

Emile Henry Handmade Ceramic Bakeware and Cookware

When Earth & Fire get together, what comes next is ceramic art! As a result of passion allied to exceptional handcrafting skills and techniques, Emily Henry creates highly resistant and attractive ceramics to elevate your cooking. The brand’s collection of handmade bakeware and cookware includes fondue sets, pizza stones, bread cloches, bowls, chicken roasters and much more. Proudly Made in France, maintaining the traditions of craftsmanship for 170 years, the dishes won admirers worldwide, including Canada. Meet the unique selection of Emily Henry products online at TSC and inspire yourself to create delicious homemade dishes. Durability, quality, and the nobility of natural raw materials lie at the very heart of Emile Henry for 6 generations. The ceramics are designed to hold and cook your ingredients, reveal their flavours and nuances, blend without binding, sear without shocking. The teams in the workshops in Burgundy have handed down the passion for exceptional quality ceramic that enables you to bake, roast, or grill. Created from a unique blend of clays, known for its virtues in heat diffusion, Emile Henry's dishes are simple, healthy, and highly resistant. The ceramics' shock resistance is carefully tested for a team of engineers, which is why they come with a 10-years Warranty. A passion for Earth & Fire handed down from generation to generation. In 1848, Jacques Henry discovered the world of ceramics in a small workshop in Marcigny, a village in his native Burgundy. He became passionate about the art of Earth and Fire and what they could create, combining both elements. Earth—untreated clay based on a ceramic slip, a thick, living fluid—and Fire, which transforms it, making it strong and hard. At the age of 20, Jaques travelled France's roads to meet more experienced potters and develop his savoir-faire as a ceramist. After one year on this learning journey, he founded La Maison Henry, creating the best and most beautiful pottery for Burgundy's homes. Jacques passed on his passion to his son Paul, who took over the workshop and quickly exported his creations to Paris. La Maison Henry pottery was soon found on all the best Parisian tables, including The Ruffled pie dish that became the company's symbol. La Maison Henry had its name changed to Emile Henry in 1982, as a tribute to Jacques' grandfather. The mission of developing dishes to make cooking easier, paying attention to the smallest detail, led to the creation of an in-house laboratory for Research and Development. After much research, the company launched the first colourful dishes for use in the oven, which helped attract more and more customers worldwide! In 2012, Jean-Baptiste took over the family company and passion. Following his father's wish to encourage and develop homemade cooking and baking, Jean-Baptiste designed the Bread Cloche. The dish became another icon piece for its innovative yet simplicity that uses the same traditional bread oven technique. Today Emile Henry continues to evolve, making cooking and baking easier and more pleasurable for households all around the world.