Tommie Copper

Tommie Copper - Compression Clothing

Made with absolute quality, comfort, and innovation, Tommie Copper products are available to you here at TSC! Since 2012, Tommie Copper has challenged themselves to continually invent a series of wonderful compression items that offer an equal balance of support and comfort. In their own words, Tommie Copper say 'When you’re dealing with pain, “good” just doesn’t cut it. We go above and beyond to ensure everything we do completely wows you. We want you to feel great – all day, at work, sport, rest and play.' With a promise such as that, you know Tommie Copper takes their product line seriously. Featuring a varied product line of all manner of supportive compression clothing, Tommie Copper wants to help you through the day. They are always on the hunt for better ways of serving their valued customers, thinking outside the box and, as they put it 'to discover the new, better, and totally astonishing. The bigger the challenge, the harder we push.' Whether you're looking for apparel (like their Pro-Grade support shirt) with support technology miraculously built right into it, or something a little more conventional like a compression sleeve (ankle, leg, foot, arm, etc), Tommie Copper promise that whatever you require, it has been designed with nothing short of absolute greatness in mind. They also offer all of their support wear in options for both men and women, with intent to bring comfort and confidence to absolutely everyone they can. They couldn't be more serious about making the comfort of your day optimal, and succinctly describe it themselves as 'we’re confident we can help you because our products are built to last, and our pain management solutions encourage good self-care habits to last a lifetime. You’ve got nothing to lose but pain.' You can hardly argue with that! Tommie Copper products are available to you here at TSC!