Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers Classic Collection

The Joan Rivers Classic Collection is available to you here at TSC! Joan Rivers was nothing short of a legend in the competitive worlds of stand up comedy, television, and media. With the extensive and varied collection of products available here, her legacy endures through the fashion and glamour lines that bear her iconic name. The Joan Rivers Collection has maintained a special relationship with The Shopping Channel since 1996 and has absolutely no intention of slowing down. Carried on by Rivers' longtime friend and New York collaborator David Dangle, her product line continues with an on-trend yet classically timeless style that is sure to thrill you with both its quality and variety. There is very little in women's fashion that isn't touched upon by The Joan Rivers Collection. Their jewellery line balances between bold and understated, with those wonderful finishing pieces that will make you standout as much or as little as you want, and their beauty products are both revolutionary and constant staples of your makeup bag. Finally, as the name suggests, the Joan Rivers Classic Collection of clothing is exactly that, a multitude of classic and ageless pieces, inspired by the personable fashion observer herself, that every wardrobe should not go without. Rivers was a stickler for quality, and Dangle continues that notion at the helm of her eponymous product lines. He is a well connected industry insider with ties to television, film, print, photography, and of course the fashion world, and knows intuitively not only what elevates their line, but what you want from it, too. Formal or casual, trendy or timeless, The Joan Rivers Classic Collection can provide what you need through impressive selection, high quality, and excellent value. Honour the legend through a limitless selection of great fashion products, available to you here at TSC!